About us

Coussinet was born in the mind of fashion designer Christelle Smith, after a few years in the world of luxury couture for men and women. Fashion designer, tailor-assistant, trained by the President of the National Federation of Master Tailors of France, she had the idea to create the most stylish pieces of clothing ever made for dogs. After months of drawing, patronage, sewing and testing, Coussinet is ready to give letters of nobility to dog luxury clothing.
It’s not « just a dog outfit »: it’s Haute Couture love. Discover our precious collection: every detail has been designed with the greatest attention to highlight your dog.

About us: Christelle Smith Coussinet Paris's designer

The concept

Dogs deserve their tailor-made Haute Couture brand: that was the « crazy fun » statement at the beginning. And then Coussinet took shape, as a real and passionate challenge: to design luxurious clothes which will be personalized with your dog’s measurements.


What Coussinet stands for


Environmental awareness

We all have our role to play into preservation of our planet. Coussinet makes a point of selecting fabrics and accessories that respect the environment, the humans who made them and of course, respect your dog’s health. Some of our products are already made with eco-labeled fabrics and our short-term objective is to perpetuate this approach.


Handmade in France

Craftmanship is the cornerstone of Coussinet. Creativity, passion and genuineness guide us every day. Our outfits are handmade, with a certain French Je-ne-sais-quoi.


A little crazy spark

“There is no genius without a touch of madness”, Aristotle said. Coussinet is all about joy and good vibes for us, for you and for your dog. Let’s enjoy life with style!

The workshop


All our products are exclusively developed in the workshop: from their design to their making and to the fittings. Because your dog is unique, your order is carried out according to the measurements indicated during your purchase. Your companion also deserves sublime outfits!

Fabrics, patterns and inspirations

About us Coussinet Paris unique clothing for dog online shop

At Coussinet we strive to choose quality fabrics. It is a real challenge for us to combine luxury and quality with products that respect dogs, people and the environment. Our team is committed to offering high quality products and improving its processes a little more every day until reaching the goal of creating 100% beautiful and ecological.

Brocade of viscose, silk and Lurex - About us and Coussinet Paris

Brocade of viscose, silk and Lurex

Silk fabric enhanced with golden Lurex: sublime

Tweed back and white - About us and Coussinet Paris

Tweed black & white

Iconic and made to last

Tweed Louis Vuitton - About us and Coussinet Paris

Tweed Louis Vuitton

Carded woolen fabric by the Haute Couture designer

Prince de Galles - About us and Coussinet Paris

Checked Prince of Wales

Cosy checked wool: so neat

Viscose soie Lurex fabric - About us and Coussinet Paris

Viscose, silk and lurex

Soft touch, fluid and so shiny

Our partners

Logo Janssens and Janssens - About us Coussinet Paris

For more than 30 years, Janssens & Janssens has offered a wide selection of exceptional, rare, sometimes branded or embroidered fabrics exclusively for the store. In Paris the boutique is the essential place for those looking for high-end fabrics.