Behind the scenes – Coussinet’s backstage

At the beginning of the summer, Coussinet Paris organized its first photo shoot! And it was a bit of a boil for everyone… Ideas flew in from all sides, the models quickly became friendly and quickly broke the ice. So, we decided to share this beautiful moment by sharing the highlights of the day as well as the backstages in picture, taken on the spot!

2pm • We meet next to Montpellier (in the sunny south of France) in a pretty wooded park for the outdoor shooting. The day before our great photographer had come to scout. Once the Coussinet team in place, things started to get serious!

3pm • The light is awsome! Lucky, Pumba, Fifille, Chipie and Candy pose with great professionalism.

3:05pm • Lucky is missing. A wedding shoot is also taking place in the park and of course, Lucky invites itself to the party. With his Maria Jacket he quickly overshadowed the bride. Oopsy !

3:30pm • When the first shoot is over, we clean everything and head to the studio for the indoor shoot!

4pm • Indoor shoot: Lucky is the first dressed and quickly taunts the other models. A few barks later, everyone is ready!

4:02pm • Wait…Pause! Lucky had put white hairs all over Candy’s beautiful Olympe Jacket. We take out the brush.

6pm • After a lot of laughter and concentration, the shoot is over. We can’t wait to see the result!

Thanks to our fantastic photographer, Lila, our best assistant and special mention to Lucky, Pumba, Fifille, Chipie and Candy, as well as their mistresses, Marianne and Sandrine.